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Delivery Terms

Package type Dimensions / size Prices
Package up to 20 kg Dimensions up to 60X30X30 cm 30 $
Package up to 40 kg Dimensions up to 60X60X90 cm 60 $
Package up to 60 kg Dimensions up to 90X90X120 cm 90 $
Package up to 90 kg Dimensions up to 90X90X120 cm 120 $

CS Car Systems undertakes to deliver the part within 14 working days from the date of payment.

From our experience we know that the average time for the parts to arrive is about 7 working days.

We know that sometimes there is a situation of lack of certain parts at the car manufacturer (back order), in this situation we will not be able to guarantee the delivery time.

For orders over NIS 5,000, delivery is free of charge.
* When ordering car windshields, airbags, special safety accessories and parts that cannot be flown for any reason, here is a 30-day sea delivery.
For a quote for fast air delivery instead of 30 days by sea delivery to the parts listed above, send an email through the website

* No deliveries beyond the Green Line

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